Navigating through Wild Rift’s Draft Pick is a lot more nuanced than simply picking your favorite champion. The choices you make here lay the groundwork for the match ahead, potentially giving you a significant advantage before the first minion wave even spawns. This guide aims to equip you with the strategies and tactics to maximize your impact in the Draft Pick phase. For players looking to up their game even further, consider our boosting and coaching services for personalized guidance.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Draft Pick Matters
  2. Basic Draft Pick Principles
  3. Advanced Strategies
    • Synergizing with Your Team
    • Adaptability
  4. Conclusion

Welcome back, Summoners! Today, we’re diving into one of the most pivotal yet often overlooked aspects of League of Legends: Wild Rift—the Draft Pick phase. If you’ve read our previous blogs on “Elo Hell: Myth or Reality?” and “The Psychology of Competitive Gaming,” you’ll know that the psychological and strategic aspects of the game are critical. Draft Pick is no exception. Make sure to also check out our coaching and boosting pages on the website for personalized advice!

Why Draft Pick Matters

Contrary to popular belief, games can be won or lost during the Draft Pick phase. A well-orchestrated draft can give you a significant advantage before the game even starts. How? By selecting champions that synergize well together, counter the enemy team, or dominate the current meta, you set your team up for success.

Basic Draft Pick Principles

Banning Strategy

  • Counter Ban: If you are first to ban, consider banning champions that counter your intended pick. Know the counters to your main champions by using apps and websites that provide this information. Removing a hard counter gives you a more comfortable laning phase.
  • Meta Bans: Sometimes it’s best to ban champions that are universally strong in the current meta. Keep an eye on tier lists, which are frequently updated, to level the playing field by reducing the risk of facing an overpowered champion.

Picking Strategy

  • Blind Picks: If you’re first to pick without knowing the enemy team’s choices, go for versatile champions that fit multiple roles like Lee Sin, who can be either a jungler or top. Flex picks make it harder for the enemy team to draft counters.
  • Counter Picks: If you’re picking later, opt for champions that counter the enemy’s selections. Use real-time drafting tools that suggest counter picks based on the enemy team’s choices. Counter picking disrupts the enemy’s strategy and makes your lane easier.

Advanced Strategies

Synergizing with Your Team

One of the keys to winning in Wild Rift is having a team composition that works cohesively. Synergizing your champion pick with your team can make your team significantly more powerful.

Actionable Tips and Benefits:

  • Champion Synergy: During the Draft Pick, look for champions that have complementary abilities. For example, if your team has a lot of crowd control, consider picking damage-dealing champions that benefit from it. Yasuo is a perfect example who can execute his Last Breath ultimate on airborne enemies—this works exceptionally well with champions like Malphite or Alistar. Benefits: Coherent team synergy leads to more effective team fights, easier objective control, and a higher likelihood of winning games. To learn more about how to synergize with your team effectively, check out our coaching services.


While having a main or one-trick can be rewarding, the Draft Pick phase often requires players to adapt to the current situation.

Actionable Tips and Benefits:

  • Roster Depth: Aim to be proficient with at least 3–5 champions in your primary role. This makes you more adaptable and throws off the enemy’s banning and picking strategy.
  • Role Flexibility: Consider learning the basics of other roles. This is valuable in scenarios where you may not get your primary role. Benefits: Being adaptable makes you a more rounded player and maximizes the likelihood of counter-picking or synergizing well with your team, thus increasing your chances of winning. If you’re finding it challenging to adapt, our boosting service can help you reach your desired rank while you expand your champion pool.


Mastering the Draft Pick in Wild Rift is both an art and a science. From basic mechanics to advanced strategies, understanding how to make the most of this pre-game phase can set you on the path to victory. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, don’t hesitate to explore our boosting and coaching services for a more personalized learning experience.

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