Wild Rift Boosting

Our professional boosters will reach any rank you desire in a swift and fast way so you don’t have to deal with trolls and afk players while trying to climb ranks that you should already be in.

Verified Customer Reviews. Rated “Excellent”. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3 Minutes
So****s GM -> Challenger

This is my 3rd time buying a boost to Challenger and they always deliver on time and with excellent winrate, I am a regular customer and I appreciate the way they treat me, super happy!

Gs*****t Diamond 1 -> Grandmaster

Happy with the results, booster was super friendly and was in contact with me throughout the entire process also gave me tips on Jayce which actually helped me improve alot.

zi****k Emerald 2 -> Master

mD booster is the best!! this is my 7th order with him and i will always choose him very good at the game!

pf**n Silver 3 -> Diamond 4

Amazing performance by the booster legit carried 1v5 almost every game it was funny to watch the stream he dominated everyone every game with Rengar A+ service.

Our Wild Rift Boosting Advantages

VPN Protected

Safety is the most important thing otherwise there would be no point, our boosters use a premium VPN to match your location to avoid any problems.

World Wide Boosting

We have hired professional boosters from every corner of the world, to make sure our services are available to all of the current servers in Wild Rift.

Track your Order

Each and every one of our clients are notified with every step of their order, this is all done in our Members Area.

Chat with our Professional Boosters

Every client will have opportunity to talk with their booster. This elevates the experience and makes it better altogether by knowing the progress of your order and even getting gameplay advice from our professionals if needed. Questions, advice, and tips will be answered and given to you throughout the process of your boost.

Do not hesitate to ask anything about your boost order, every single one of our boosters is friendly and professional.

Wild Rift Boosting Services

Cheap and affordable prices with the highest quality of service!
We give a 100% guarantee on all of our services!

Solo Boosting

This type of boost is where one of our professional boosters logs in to your account and plays until you get your desired rank.

Duo Boosting

In the case of DUO boosting, we do not log into your account but instead, you play on your account and queue up with a booster and play together.


A professional wild rift player will be analyzing your game, point out your mistakes, improve your game, give you tips, etc.

Why Choose Wild Rift Boost

We offer every service possible at an affordable rate while maintaining high-quality service.

We put a big emphasis on safety in our company. Every step we take is well regulated from the processing of your order to its completion. Payments are processed through Stripe which means every payment is secure.

We are the best at what we do because we make sure every step is perfect while constantly trying to improve. Our boosters are top of the ladder which ensures a fast and guaranteed service and a great experience too!

Another integral part of our service is available to you at all times, before purchasing or after, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our service, our customer support is available 24/7.

See what our clients say about us

Verified customer reviews

"Bought a 12 rank boost and it was completed in 2 days, I actually didn't believe it. Best boosting service I've ever had!"
Silver IV - Emerald IV
"10/10 would recommend, extremely fast service, and you don't wait at all between paying and order start."
Master 113 - Grandmaster
Johnny Depp
"Great service. I bought the Duo boost where you play with the booster and it was a hell of an experience, I learned a lot."
Platinum III - Platinum I
Jon Targaryen
"Live support was very helpful. After my order, I started speaking with the booster and he was as nice as could be."
Diamond II - Master

Why you should buy wild rift boosting

Now since you are already here you probably don't need much convincing about why you should buy wildrift boost. But in case you do, let us tell you why. Now you could be in several situations, one of them could be that you're already a good player but you have other things to do like work, school, etc. It doesn't matter but it means that you simply don't have the time to rank up, but say on the weekends you have friends who want to queue with and they happen to be a higher rank than you and you can't queue with them. Instead of you being distracted from your work, school, or whatever duties you may have, you delegate this job to us and since wild rift boosting is what we do, we do it very fast so by the next weekend you'll be queueing up with your friends and enjoying the game properly.

Reasonable & Affordable Prices

Many sites claim that they are the cheapest wildrift boosting site if not every site in this market. But indeed we are the cheapest, and you can confirm this by comparing us to other wild rift boost competitors. And it's not about being cheap, it's about being fair. A fair price could fluctuate from own by 2-5%, anything more than that would just be ripping you off. Now it's understandable why some sites have expensive prices, they want to make big money fast, but that's not how we do it. We try to make this a great experience for our clients and not a headache so later they think they've overpaid. This is also why we have a loyalty program on top of our already extremely fair prices. Once you become our client you will be flooded with discounts and offers when you think about purchasing boost again.

Is Wild Rift boosting ethical?

A lot of people frown upon wild rift boosting and boosting as a whole. Or is it a lot of people? When you think about it it's actually not, it's the game company, streamers, and pro players. Now the irony of this is that the last two (streamers and pro players) get caught being boosted and boosting other people all the time, and they are the only ones who talk about boosting as if it was bad. Most of the people who are buying wild rift boost are just going up 1 rank or 2 which makes no significance in the game itself as a whole. Even if it were to do that, which it does not the amount of people who play the game compared to the people who get wildrift boosting is not even comparable. The game has 1000 times more trolls and 100 times more cheaters who are the actual problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Wild Rift Boosting

There are people who play wild rift who maybe don’t have the time or are encountering trolls, or bad teammates all the time. This makes it a bit harder for them to rank up. Ranking up means going for one level to another, or a division higher. The higher the rank the better the game play, less trolls, so naturally people want to play in these higher ranks. So what do these players do when they’ve hit this roadblock or just don’t have the time to get that higher rank. They come to us, a professional wild rift boosting service to rank them up.

Yes you can. This is what we call DUO boosting, where you play yourself on your account instead of us login into it. In Wild Rift Duo boosting you get to queue and play along with a professional booster until you get your desired rank. This a great experience which we recommend and every client enjoys. Our boosters are friendly and professional and extremely good at the game which make you enjoy the game itself. They will play with you at your convenient and chosen time, you can divide this into different hours or do it all at once it is all up to you.

This is another feature we provide. You can select what role, what champion you want the booster to use while he plays on your account. Our boosters are all grandmaster which usually means you have to know how to play every role really well, and their champion pool is vast from their experience. So rest assured we can boost you with whatever role or champion you want.

People wonder why is it more expensive when I’m playing on my account and cheaper when the booster logs into the account. This is because
we can’t know what quality of player the client that buys boost is. They could be good, they could be average or they could be really bad. In the case the latter it makes the boosters job a lot more harder. Its costs more also because the booster will have to be available whenever you want him to, so he has to drop whatever he is doing to play with you.

There are risks only if you accidentally come by a dodgy site. What you have to do typically look if the site is secure by looking at their link and seeing if they have HTTPS and what payment methods they are offering. In our case we are secured and every payment is done through stripe which means every single detail from you is secure and no one will be able to do any harm to you in any way. The other potential risk is your boost not being able to be completed, due to inexperienced boosters but this doesn’t happen with us or with most professional boosting sites, since we have rules in place which do not allow this to ever happen. All applicant boosters must meet a certain standard to even be considered for a job.

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