Boosting in competitive online games is a topic that can lead to polarizing opinions. As a leading provider of Legendary Queue boosting services, we believe in having an open dialogue about the ethical concerns surrounding this practice. In this balanced discussion, we’ll explore both the pros and cons of boosting, and explain why we still offer this service.

The Pros of Boosting

Skill Gap Bridging

Boosting helps players break through barriers of uneven matchmaking, placing them in ranks where they can experience more balanced gameplay.


Not everyone has ample time to climb ranks. Our boosting service enables you to reach your desired rank quickly, letting you balance gaming with other life commitments.

Learning from the Best

Our coaching services offer a formal route to improving your gameplay. However, the act of boosting itself can serve as an accelerated learning experience, when done in collaboration with skilled boosters.

Mental Health

Competitive gaming can be mentally taxing. Boosting provides relief from the emotional drain of being stuck in lower ranks, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

The Cons of Boosting

Unfair Competition

Boosting can create uneven matchups. However, we offer coaching services to help players quickly adapt to their new rank, thereby reducing the chance of them becoming a liability to their team.

Potential for Rule-Breaking

Yes, boosting might go against some game policies. However, we prioritize account safety and compliance with game-specific policies as much as possible to minimize risks.

Devalues Achievements

Boosting might be perceived as devaluing the effort and skill that other players have invested to climb the ranks. However, we view our service as an initial push that can empower players to understand their true potential, encouraging them to then work on their skills to genuinely earn and maintain their ranking.

Ethical Concerns

While boosting does raise ethical questions, we strive to operate transparently and ethically, offering services like pausing or canceling boosts, to put control back in the hands of the customer.

A Middle Ground: Ethical Considerations

At Legendary Queue, we adhere to a strict ethical code to address these challenges responsibly:

  1. Transparency: We disclose what our service entails so customers can make informed decisions.
  2. Account Security: We prioritize safeguarding your account during the boosting process.
  3. Quality Control: Our boosters are rigorously vetted to ensure they respect game rules and the gaming community.
  4. Customer Control: Our flexible services put you in control, including the ability to pause or cancel the boosting process.

The debate surrounding boosting is complex and nuanced. But we believe our Legendary Queue boosting service and coaching services offer valuable solutions to some of the challenges gamers face in climbing the competitive ladder. By understanding both sides of the issue, we aim to provide services that are both effective and ethically responsible.

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