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If you are trying to get better at this game because you want to reach the top or you just want to have fun while playing and not depend on bad teammates, our coaching service is the way to go. With just a couple of hours of deliberate practice, your gameplay will improve by a lot!

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It's always better to have a second perspective, in our case a professional and experienced perspective. Our coaches are able to point everything on a person's game, good or bad, big or small, and help you reach the dream rank. But pointing out things is not what makes us special, it is that we can tell you how to improve on every single of those things, in simple and small ways that will make big changes to your overall game. Whether it be a strength in your game that you should be utilizing more or something good that you are doing that you might not think is important, everything about your game will be laid out and dissected, analyzed, and finally improved on.

Its all about the way of thinking

This is not something just specific to gaming but to everything in life. Most people these days are very negative and nihilistic about what they are doing. They only point out the bad things they are doing, the negative aspects about themselves or their game. Now self-criticism is useful but not at the extreme. Sometimes you should and have to, look at the things you are and have been doing right. In this case, it could be a small aspect of your game, that you might not notice you are doing at all because of all that negativity. And one small positive thing about your game adds up to another small thing and you'll see that you are actually doing a lot of things right and not a whole lot wrong and with small improvements, you can go a long way. These are the small things we will help you see and help you improve.

How is coaching done?

It will depend on you and the coach. All coaches have different approaches and all players in this case you, are different. The time when the coaching will take place is decided by you. You will let your coach know what times are best for you. Every coach on our service has excellent communication skills and is of course very friendly. They are professional players with a lot of experience coming from LOL and know this game in and out. They are able to analyze your gameplay and see your strengths and weaknesses and show you how to either strengthen or get rid of those, or you may have something in mind, some part of your game you want to get better at and they will help you with that too. It all comes down to how you want it to go.

WILDRIFT COACHING is when a player is taught and helped to improve on his gameplay by a professional coach he paid for. This coach will give them advice, tips and long explanations on what the player need to do to get better.

All our coaches are Challenger, but this is a case where the rank doesn’t really matter. Quite a number players can reach Challenger but only a few actually have the communication skills and the ability to coach. This requires talent and a lot of experience which our coaches undoubtedly have!

This is mostly depended on the player. You tell the coach whether you want the coaching to be fast paced or slow. But at the end of the day it comes to what skill level you happen to be on currently and how many aspect of your game need improving on, and most importantly what goal you have set for you self. If you’ve set a higher goal naturally you will need more hours to achieve it.

Yes you can! We hire coaches from ever part of the world so the likely hood that one of them speaks you language is high.

As we’ve said before you are able choose a specific aspect of your game you want to improve on. That could a specific role or champion. Since our coaches are very experienced players they can coach you on all roles and every single champion!

Yes, the coaches will be available at your chosen time, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ll select whatever hours you are comfortable and ready.


Wild Rift Coaching Reviews

Below are featured reviews from our happy students.

"100% recommended. I took the 3-hour package and it was an enlighting experience. I learned simple things that I never thought would make any difference which in the end did!"
3 Hours Coaching
"I've been playing for a long time, and I didn't think I could get better but damn was I wrong. Would recommend this to anyone, doesn't matter what rank they are."
1 Hour Coaching
"All I can say is that these 6 h with the coach have made me enjoy this game. On top of advice and quick explanations the coach was extremely friendly and respectful."
6 Hours Coaching
"High-level analysis that I actually did not expect. I thought it was going to be some quick tips and advice, but I was wrong. The experience was professional and impressive!"
2 Hours Coaching

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