Being stuck in a particular rank can be frustrating for any Wild Rift player. You may often find yourself asking, “Why can’t I climb?” If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll break down the common mistakes players make at various ranks—from Iron to Legendary—and offer solutions to help you climb. And for those who need an extra push, our boosting and coaching services can provide that edge you’re looking for.

Iron: Lack of Basic Game Knowledge

Mistake: Players in Iron often lack an understanding of fundamental game mechanics like how to secure objectives, the abilities and roles of various champions, and even the most basic elements of map awareness.

Solution: Deliberate learning is key at this level. Spend time outside the game reading guides or watching tutorials. Make use of resources like our coaching services, which offer beginner-friendly sessions aimed at elevating your understanding of the game’s basics.

Bronze: Poor Map Awareness

Mistake: Bronze players frequently suffer from tunnel vision, focusing solely on their lane or a specific fight. This lack of map awareness often results in being caught out by enemy ganks.

Solution: Dedicate yourself to improving your map awareness by setting a timer to remind you to check the minimap every 10-15 seconds. Information is power; knowing where enemies are can help you make better decisions about when to push, when to retreat, and when to join your team.

Silver: Inefficient Farming

Mistake: Silver players often miss out on valuable farm (minions and jungle camps) because they’re distracted by skirmishes and fights that don’t yield any real advantage.

Solution: Practice your last-hitting in a controlled environment like the practice tool. Learning wave management can also help you maximize your gold and experience gains. If you’re struggling with this, consider investing in a few coaching sessions to get hands-on tips.

Gold: Lack of Objective Control

Mistake: While Gold players usually have a decent understanding of game mechanics, they often chase kills at the expense of securing crucial objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor.

Solution: Start prioritizing objectives over kills. Use vision wards around key objectives and ping to communicate with your team to make coordinated plays. Securing objectives often provides team-wide advantages that can swing the game in your favor.

Platinum: Poor Team Coordination

Mistake: Platinum players generally have good individual skills but often lose due to a lack of teamwork. Disorganized fights and failure to capitalize on won battles are frequent issues.

Solution: Start using voice or text chat more effectively to coordinate with your team. Call out plays, objectives, and even potential threats to ensure everyone is on the same page. Coordination is often what separates the higher tiers from Platinum.

Diamond: Inconsistency

Mistake: While Diamond players exhibit high levels of skill, they often fluctuate in their performance. One game might be a hard carry, followed by several losses due to poor decisions or lackluster play.

Solution: Focus on consistency by identifying the areas where you fluctuate the most. Whether it’s emotional tilt or mechanical errors, acknowledging these inconsistencies is the first step toward ironing them out. Our coaching service can offer targeted advice to help.

Master & Legendary: Overconfidence

Mistake: Players in these top tiers often become overconfident, taking unnecessary risks or underestimating their opponents, which can lead to being caught out and losing important fights.

Solution: Maintain humility in your gameplay. Review your matches to identify moments where overconfidence led to mistakes. Even at high ranks, there’s room for improvement, and staying grounded is crucial for continued success.

In Summary:

Climbing the rank ladder in Wild Rift is a challenging endeavor that many players struggle with. By recognizing the common mistakes at each tier and actively working on improving, you can increase your chances of reaching that desired rank. For those seeking an extra boost, our loyalty program offers various perks that can make your journey even smoother. Remember, the key to climbing is continuous improvement. Keep learning, keep practicing, and the sky’s the limit.

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