In the dynamic universe of Wild Rift, the early game can set the tone for the entire match. Whether you’re a jungler, laner, or support, the first 15 minutes are crucial for gaining an advantage that can steer your team towards victory. This blog post delves into effective strategies for a strong start in Wild Rift, drawing insights from our previous articles and coaching expertise.

Understanding the Early Game Dynamics

The early game in Wild Rift is all about laying a solid foundation for the mid and late game. It involves farming efficiently, securing objectives, and establishing lane dominance, all while minimizing risks. Each role has its unique responsibilities during this phase, and understanding these can significantly impact your team’s performance.

Laning Phase: Mastering the Art of Farming and Trading

For solo laners and ADCs, the early game revolves around two key aspects: farming and trading. Perfecting your last-hitting technique to maximize gold and experience gain is essential. Simultaneously, engage in smart trading – dealing more damage to the enemy than you receive. This can be achieved by understanding your champion’s power spikes and exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses.

Tip: Review “Unlocking the Jungle: Mastering the Wild Rift as a Jungler” for insights on champion-specific strategies and power spikes.

Jungle: Setting the Tempo

Junglers dictate the early game’s rhythm. Starting with the right buff, as discussed in “Unlocking the Jungle,” and efficiently clearing your camps can give you a level advantage. This advantage can then be leveraged into successful ganks. Remember, it’s not just about the kills; it’s about applying pressure and helping your lanes gain an edge.

Tip: Refer to “The Art of Comebacks Part 2” for advanced jungling strategies and objective control.

Support: Vision and Lane Control

Supports play a critical role in the early game by providing vision and lane control. Using wards to secure vision around key areas like the Dragon pit can prevent ganks and facilitate early objective captures. Additionally, supports should focus on protecting the ADC and setting up opportunities for successful engagements.

Tip: Our article “Community Building in Wild Rift” emphasizes the importance of teamwork and coordination, which is vital for supports.

Mid-Laners: Roaming and Impact

Mid-laners, due to their central position, have the unique opportunity to influence other lanes. After securing lane advantage, look for roaming opportunities to assist side lanes or help secure objectives like the Dragon.

Tip: “The Psychology of Competitive Gaming” offers insights into decision-making and roaming tactics.

Objectives: The Path to Victory

Securing early objectives like the Dragon can provide your team with significant advantages. Teams should coordinate to ensure these objectives are captured safely and efficiently.

Tip: “Building a Balanced Team Composition” discusses the importance of team coordination during objective control.

Adaptation: Key to Early Game Success

Adaptability is crucial in the early game. Be prepared to alter your strategies based on the enemy’s moves. If the enemy jungler is spotted bot lane, top laners might consider playing aggressively, or the jungler might invade the enemy’s top jungle.

Tip: “The Role of Coaches in eSports” highlights the importance of adapting strategies in real-time.

The Psychological Aspect

Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial. Avoid tilting from early setbacks and focus on your gameplay and strategy.

Tip: Delve into “The Psychology of Solo Queue” for tips on maintaining mental fortitude during the early game.


The first 15 minutes in Wild Rift are about laying a foundation for future success. By mastering your role-specific responsibilities, working as a team, and adapting to the game’s flow, you can significantly increase your chances of a strong start. And remember, for more personalized guidance and strategies, our Wild Rift Boost and Coaching Services are designed to elevate your gameplay right from the get-go.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to help you conquer the Wild Rift, one game at a time.

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